Seth Greenberg is one of the finest guitarists and musicians working today. His stylistic range is amazing, encompassing everything from rock to jazz to legitimate classical music. Unlike many multi-genre musicians, he plays with complete authority and authenticity in all of those musical forms. Orchestra, small combo, or as a solo performer, Seth Greenberg displays one of the broadest and best musical talents anyone is likely to encounter. I am honored that he chooses to play the guitars that I make.
— Matt Levonian (Masterbuilder and CEO of Marblehead Guitars)
MarbleHead Guitars by Matt Levonian

MarbleHead Guitars by Matt Levonian

Guitar Gear Talk

If there is one thing most guitarists like to talk about its guitar equipment. Here is some insight into what I use for the guitar gear heads out there. You can also catch music-related musing on my blog.


Electric and Acoustic Guitars

Most often, I play a custom Marblehead electric guitar (Jazz model) made by skilled luthier Matt Levonian. Fitted with a Seymour Duncan Charlie Christian humbucking pickup, the guitar has an incredible sustain and tone; it handles high volumes that cause other guitars to feedback. 

For the high-volume rock and pop gigs, I use a custom Levonian Telecaster.

All of my instruments are maintained and repaired by Matt, who is one of the finest luthiers I have ever come across. His tremendous expertise, integrity, and very reasonable rates make him the person I most highly recommend to all guitarists and students in the Los Angeles area.  

For those interested in contacting Matt Levonian, his email address is marbleheadguitars@gmail.comThe acoustic nylon string guitar I use most often is an Alvarez from the early 1980s.


custom Tube Amplifiers and Kerry wright speaker cabinets

A custom tube amplifier made by electronics wizard Gary McCellan. Depending on the venue, I run the amplifier through either a 12" or 15" custom speaker cabinet made by Kerry Wright. Kerry makes the best-sounding cabinets I have ever heard! Jim Cole, a great friend, is a walking encyclopedia of guitar knowledge and continues to be a tremendous help on my tone quests.


Pyramid strings and Medium Fender Picks

Pyramid strings are the finest I have ever come across. I use their Pure Nickel round wound .013-.054 on the Marblehead, and Pure Nickel round wound .012-.050 strings on the Telecaster. If you are interested in trying them but have difficulty finding them please contact me.

I have gone through many different phases with guitar picks. Currently, I mostly use medium Fender picks (Nick Lucas shape). They offer a lot of clarity without sounding harsh or too dark.